About us

Our Mission

Supporting projects with a positive impact to move from idea to reality

To make Normandy an example of social, environmental and cultural innovation by connecting all economic, associative and public actors with each other and by opening up their field of possibilities.



Our Values


We spare no effort to achieve the given goal. Our commitment is total and keeping our word is essential to us. We are a reliable and robust partner you can rely on.


We don’t limit ourselves to giving simple advice to follow as if there is a magic recipe for a successful project. Success lies not only in a good strategy in our eyes, but in its operational implementation. That’s why we’ll be by your side to get through every step of the way until the project succeeds.


We attach paramount importance to the impact of each project and strive to give it the widest possible scope so that it makes sense at all levels (economic, social, environmental and/or cultural).


We maintain a very strong bond with all our partners, it is immersed alongside them, in their environment, that we understand all the subtleties and which allow us to offer 100% personalized support.

Collective intelligence

We are only project facilitators, the real wealth is found in each of our partners and it is together, in exchange and cooperation that we find the best solutions.

The team

Claire-Hélène Gaudeul

Executive & Senior Consultant

CSR, Engineering & Project Finance Expert

CPME Administrator

Member of the CESER (Regional Economic, Social and Environmental Council)

Marie-Hélène Teyssedre

Project Manager

Responsible tourism expert

Alice Pedrotti 

European Project Manager

Expert in international relations and European projects


For as long as I can remember, I have always had this desire to be at the service of the common good, to serve noble causes that are beyond me.

As the daughter of a diplomat, I had the chance very early on to open up to very different environments, to discover a multitude of countries and cultures and therefore to develop a great ability to adapt as well as to create links between people easily and quickly.

In about fifteen years, I have been able to grow up in rich and developed countries such as Canada and the United States, or in developing countries such as Mauritania and Nigeria, or live in unprecedented political contexts in Bosnia or East Germany with the fall of the wall.

All these experiences had a profound impact on me and pushed me to pursue law studies in order to be able to defend international populations in the future. But I very quickly understood that it was necessary to act at another level, not by defending the populations but by participating in the development of meaningful projects that would have a positive impact on the populations and the territory on several levels.

After my studies, I took up roots in Normandy, a region to which I quickly became attached and whose assets I wanted to defend through the development of this territory and its influence. As a local development project manager at MEFAC, I was able to participate in the development of many local, regional and European projects and to act as a link between the different actors (companies, communities, associations) for about ten years.

However, I still saw too many actors missing out on opportunities due to lack of knowledge, lack of time or isolation and I therefore wanted to act at a broader level and facilitate projects in a larger territory, aimed at multiple and diverse actors.

Soleviam Conseil was therefore born in May 2016 in order to pursue this mission that has always driven me, to create the spark that makes meaningful and value-oriented projects possible and thus revitalize the territory in a responsible and sustainable way.


Claire-Hélène Gaudeul, fondatrice de Soleviam Conseil